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The Biomagnetic Pair is a therapy as natural as the magnetic force on which it is based.

Biomagnetism is an external process; it cannot destroy tissues, facilitate contagions, leave chemical residues, or produce medical iatrogeny or undesirable side effects.

This therapy is risk-free and should only be used with precaution in the case of patients with pacemakers (so as not to wear down the battery) and pregnant women.

The Biomagnetic Pair can be used in conjunction with any other kind of complementary therapy and traditional allopathic treatments, except in the case of patients who have undergone chemotherapy in the last 12 months.

In fact, biomagnetic therapists advise their patients to continue seeing their conventional doctor on a regular basis, so that he too can follow the patient’s progress. However, it happens frequently that once the Biomagnetic treatment has started, doses of medication are reduced gradually and even eliminated in many cases, even in the case of chronic illness.

The conventional doctor should continually monitor the patient’s progress and adjust the intensity of the needed treatment accordingly. This is what happens, for example, in the case of a diabetic who goes to a biomagnetic session. He should take special care during the days following his biomagnetic session to constantly adjust his insulin dose. It is possible that the necessary amount of insulin diminishes “spontaneously” after the session, and therefore he will have to be very careful with it and consult his doctor, even though the doctor may not believe in the effectiveness of biomagnetism.

Another example is the case of patients with HIV or immunodeficiency. After biomagnetic therapy, patients may require a much smaller dose of medication. It is important for the patient to be in constant communication with his doctor and for the doctor and patient to agree on the best path to take for full recovery.

During a session of the Biomagnetic Pair, the practitioner places pairs of natural magnets of medium intensity and of opposite charges (positive and negative) on the specific areas of the client´s body, with the objective of balancing the pH level.

The number of sessions necessary to achieve full success will depend on many factors like the kind of illness, how chronic it is and the person´s response. No two sick people react in an identical way to any given disease. Each person differs according to age, build, metabolism, lifestyle, nutritional state, mental state, toxin burden, and immune system. Additionally, how long the disease has developed, the damage it has already produced and previously administered medications also vary.

However, often the client already begins to notice positive changes in his health after the first session. On average, with a sequence of three or four sessions-one per week-one should see a great improvement in the majority of cases. For chronic cases, four, five or more sessions may be necessary.


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