. Magnets | Biomagnetism

You may order magnets and have them sent to you by post. The magnets are sent by certified mail and take 15-30 days to arrive.

We have powerful 12,000 gauss strong neodymium magnets of the highest quality lined in black and red (Negative and Positive side). They are the best to practice Biomagnetic Pair therapy.

Its price is 11 USD or 10 € each (22 USD or 20 € per pair).

The magnetic rods (bars) also cost 11 USD or 10 € each.

Shipping charges must be added.

A handling fee of 11 USD or 10 € will be charged for orders of less than 10 magnets.

If you want to learn Biomagnetism to take care of your family or friends, 4 or 5 pairs of magnets (8-10 magnets) should be enough.

If you want to open a professional consultation and care for patients with ailments from the simplest to the most complex, tumoral or degenerative, you will need 10 to 15 pairs of magnets (20-30 magnets).

In both cases we advise you to order also a magnetic rod.

Even though the misuse of magnets is generally harmless for human health (except in three cases that we mention in the training), it is also useless unless you know the correct therapeutic protocols. That is why we advise to order first the training and after a few days the magnets.

This way you will receive the magnets just at the time you already had the chance to watch several times the key videos and feel confident with the know-how and the therapeutic protocols.

If you wish to order magnets, you should use the above CONTACT US link and let us know how many magnets you wish to receive. We will then send you a Paypal payment link for that amount + Shipping fee.

Then after you make your payment using that Paypal payment link, you need to send us your FULL NAME + SHIPPING ADDRESS, so that we may ship your magnets on time.