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Researchers say they’ve linked type 2 diabetes with earlier development of precancerous colon lesions and they recommend people with the blood sugar disorder start colorectal screenings at a younger age than others.

“Based on our data, it implies people with diabetes should get screenings earlier, possibly at age 40, rather than at age 50,” said Dr. Hongha Vu, a clinical gastroenterology fellow at Washington University in St. Louis.

Experts know that diabetes is linked with an increased risk of colon and other cancers. Vu’s team set out to determine if people with diabetes develop precancerous lesions, also called polyps or adenomas, earlier than people without diabetes.

The researchers compared the incidence of polyps in three groups: those 40 to 49 with and without diabetes and those 50 to 59 without diabetes. Each group had 125 people.

All had colonoscopies between June 2005 and June 2011. In a colonoscopy, doctors examine the large intestine with a long, thin tube that has a camera at the end. Any polyps found are removed so cancer can’t progress.

The younger men and women with diabetes had a rate of polyps similar to the older people without diabetes.

“We found that between the three groups, the adenoma detection rate in those 40 to 49 without diabetes was 14.4 percent, and it was significantly higher in those with diabetes in the same age range — at 30.4 percent”. “This is a similar rate as those 50 to 59 without diabetes.” The 50- to 59-year-olds had a rate of 32 percent.

Because diabetes cases are expected to soar in coming decades, partly driven by the obesity epidemic, the researchers believe the findings have important public health implications.
Without insurance, a colonoscopy costs about $1,200 or more.


There are bacteria that can cause diabetes and may also be involved in colon cancer as well.
For example Enterobacter cloacae, Salmonella typhus and many other.
The Biomagnetic Pair proposes to have the patient completely scanned to avoid these problems.


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