Functions of the Program: search biomagnetic pairs, symptoms, diseases, pathogens, etc.

♦ Load or modify biomagnetic pairs, their associated images and locations, diseases or symptoms, user’s personal observations, special recommendations. Html format allowed.

♦ Load or modify pathologies, with description and comments, other therapies that can be applied and standard allopathic medical treatment. Html format allowed.

♦ Multiple searches according to: Pole1 or Pole2 of a pair, body area of Pole1 or Pole2, type of pair, type and name of pathogen, route of transmission, and so on.

♦ Keyword search of diseases and symptoms frequently or sometimes associated which a given pair or a given microorganism (the program discerns three degrees of relationship, according to the degree of recurrence).

The loaded version contains thousands of keywords that allow searching for pairs according to symptoms, to associated pairs, and so on.

♦ Up to five keywords can be combined in the same search.
♦ Search for Pairs that are frequently associated with a particular pair.
♦ Quick and filtered searches.
♦ Combined searches.
♦ Ability to change the order Pole1-Pole2 or Pole2-Pole1 of pairs.
♦ All the results of simple or combined searches can be sorted alphabetically by Pole1 or by Pole2, grouped by type of pair or by body area.
♦ Ability to print lists of biomagnetic pairs, tabs, lists of diseases, filtered and combined search results, and so on.

If you are interested in the program, please e-mail us using the contact link above.

-If a patient has a parasite that causes neuralogical problems, we can quickly find with a few mouse clicks which bacteria are located in the area of the head or neck (or elsewhere) which may be associating and feedback working together with this parasite.