Biomagnetism in today’s world

The Biomegnetic Pair is not centered around symptomatology but rather on the etiological source of the health problem, even without the need for resorting to lab tests.

More importantly still, a Biomagnetic practitioner is able to detect an internal pH imbalance before the symptoms begin to manifest themselves.

This therapy is therefore especially useful as preventative medicine for simple, complex, chronic, degenerative diseases, syndromes, tumors, cancer, etc.

The Biomagnetic Pair does not have secondary effects or contraindications and cannot cause medical iatrogeny. Unlike radiation, electricity or heat, medium-intensity magnetism does not break the hydrogen bonds in molecules. It cannot damage cells or tissue; instead, it reestablishes their natural conditions that may have been altered because of multiple reasons. Additionally, the therapy is fully compatible with conventional medicine and other complementary therapies.

Currently there are more than 20,000 doctors and therapists around the world who in recent years have successfully treated a few millions of patients world-wide.

As a result, biomagnetism can already be considered an unstoppable phenomenon. Biomagnetism predicts that there will be a turning point in the way in which societies of the 21st century visualize their health systems being efficient, fast, clean, simple, and cheap, within all citizens’ and within all governments’ reach.