. BIOMAGNETISM TRAINING – Course II | Biomagnetism


(with Online Videos)

Same methodology as for the Biomagnetism Course with Online Videos
25 step by step videos and printable Manual


.Bioenergetics and Quantum Physics
.The power of Healing Intention
.Epigenetics and Free Will
.Self-Protection against contagion
.How to scan and to treat patients using Bioenergetics
.Protocol steps to treat patients through distance
.How to treat patients without physical magnets
.How and what to ask about using Bioenergetics
.How to rebalance Chakras and Psico-emotional problems
.Chromosomes and genetic Code, Spine problems, Tumors, Vascular Injuries and many more issues that can be dealt with Bioenergetics.
.11 different ways and many more variants taken from Kinesiology and other therapeutic traditions to scan patients using Bioenergetics so that the therapist may choose the most personal and appropriate way depending on the patient being present or distant, being a baby, handicapped, animal, ourselves (self scanning), etc.

It is required in order to take this Bioenergetics course (Level II) to have already followed a course on Biomagnetism (level-I) and it is advisable to have already practiced its therapeutic protocols with some patients at least (even if just relatives or friends first). Thus, if you already have some practical experience with the correct protocols of Level-1, you will take full advantage of this Level-2 course.

It is not essential to take this course Level II for treating patients with magnets. Most diseases can be treated after taking the Biomagnetism course with Videos (Level I). But you will have to scan patients with a physical magnet on the patient’s body. The Bioenergetics course allows however scanning patients faster, the ability to ask the patient’s body using bioenergetics, the possibility to scan and treat distant patients, animals, disabled, babies, people in coma, self scanning more effectively, etc.

Access to the Online Campus lasts for 4 months. The videos are not physically sent or downloaded to your PC. They are to be watched online with a personal password. You need to print the manual.

150 USD (if you studied OTHER Biomagnetism courses)
75 USD (if you studied OUR Biomagnetism course)

150 USD (if you studied OTHER Biomagnetism courses)

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75 USD (if you studied OUR Biomagnetism course)

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Once we have received your payment, we will enroll you in the Virtual Campus and you will be able to immediately start studying the videos and the rest of the course.


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