This is the official website of Biomagnetism therapy from the International Center for the Study and Outreach of Natural Therapies, whose main objective is to promote the development of Biomagnetism therapy, Bioenergetics and complementary and natural therapies in general, both their study and their practice, encouraging their research, ensuring its prestige, proper use and compliance with its code of ethics and expanding awareness in society of the great benefits they provide us.

One of our main objectives is that health authorities accept Biomagnetic Pair technique and other alternative therapies as valuable therapeutic tools for being simple, affordable and effective supplements to current conventional medical practices. In this regard, we intend to support studies with patients that certify the effectiveness and usefulness of these diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

We aim to reach all people, regardless of age, sex, race, religion, political, economic or social status so that everyone can benefit from these therapies and lead them to better physical and mental health.

The center will remain in contact with other associations, centers and foundations in the world, in order to update all the new and relevant information, to spread it among those involved in health and encourage participation in conferences and other events.

Our center is an independent entity and does not depend on any political party, religion or agency. It promotes the integral development of people, a holistic view and a way of life that leads not only to people’s health, but also to their spiritual growth, to their inner balance, harmony and happiness. In this regard, we encourage the practice of any system or therapy that can complement our promoted therapeutical practices, such as Reiki, Meditation, Prayer, etc.

Another important objective is to promote our social work and collaboration with volunteers and NGOs, so that anyone who needs and wants to receive therapy sessions can do it, even if their economic or social condition prevents them from doing it.

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